Committee Structure

The Pango Nomenclature is run by two committees, the Pango Committee (PC) and the Lineage Designation Commitee (LDC).

Each committee has a chair, deputy chair, and members. Information about current members of the PC and LDC can be found here.

The functions of the Pango Committee are to:

  • Maintain, uphold, and amend the rules of the Pango nomenclature system.
  • Consider suggested rule changes, from the LDC or elsewhere. Ratify or reject rule changes and explain those decisions.
  • Publish the Pango system rules and rule changes.
  • Publish the unreserved minutes of PC meetings.
  • Consider lineage designations proposed by the LDC and evaluate whether they are consistent with the rules of the Pango system.
  • Consider and publish the lineage designations.
  • Receive enquiries about the the Pango system. Technical questions may be passed to the LDC.
  • Provide resources to explain how the system works.

The functions of the Lineage Designation Committee are to:

  • Analyse available SARS-CoV-2 genome data and develop lineage designations according to the rules of the Pango nomenclature system.
  • Communicate proposed designations to the PC.
  • Consider requests for new lineages or other changes (currently via GitHub issue requests).
  • Propose new rules or rule changes to the PC as appropriate.
  • Maintain computational tools for the classification of new genome sequences.
  • Respond to requests for information from the PC.

In addition, non-votingĀ observer members may join the committees in order to:

  • Keep key members of the genomic epidemiology community aware of Pango developments.
  • Ensure a communication channel between Pango and other stakeholders.
  • Enable the Pango Committee to benefit from advice, opinions and experience of observer members.