We are very grateful to everyone around the world who has contributed to the development and maintenance of the Pango nomenclature system. In particular, we thank all researchers who have contributed lineage designation requests or assisted with analysis, including Nathan Medd, Daniel Maloney, Isobel Guthrie, Art Poon and Robert Lanfear. We also thank the Pangolin development team at the University of Edinburgh (Emily Scher, Ben Jackson, John T McCrone, Rachel Colquhoun) and the Centre for Genomic Pathogen Surveillance at the University of Oxford (Anthony Underwood, Khalil Abu-Dahab, Ben Taylor, Corin Yeats, David M. Aanensen).

The Pango nomenclature system would not exist without the rapid and public sharing of virus genome sequences by thousands of scientists globally. We wish to acknowledge everyone involved in this collective endeavour. A list of contributors to the GISAID SARS-CoV-2 database is available here. is supported by a grant from the Oxford Martin School.